Since the Bokeh project's inception, many of the major goals it set out have been accomplished, but there is still important work to continue. In broad strokes, here are the big tasks that we are currently planning to work on or improve as we move towards a 1.0 release.


  • Define and ratify Project Governance, transition to public meetings
  • Create a mechanism to make Bokeh extensions easily sharable, discoverable, and installable

Core BokehJS improvements

  • Migrate BokehJS codebase to TypeScript
  • Increase WebGL capability and support to more areas (e.g patches)
  • Support for scripted animations and visual transitions

Core Python library

  • Add support for integrating with Altair


  • Complete docstring coverage for the entire Python library
  • Automated reference documentation for BokehJS
  • Increase the number of gallery examples


  • Improved unit test coverage to above 95 percent

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to Bokeh.