We are always looking for contributors, and want to grow the developer/contributor base for Bokeh. The Gitter chat channel and the public mailing list are great places to get in touch with current core developers, and the Developer Guide is a great place to get set up for developing on Bokeh. We are eager to assist and mentor new contributors.

  • If you would like to help develop Bokeh bindings for new languages such as Julia, Swift or others, we’d love to help with those integrations.

  • If you have a data API or other web-based tool that you think would be great to have available by default in Bokeh, we would be excited to make it available as an extension for Bokeh.

  • If you are a JavaScript developer and want to help us make Bokeh easier to use on the JavaScript side, and plug in more nicely with tools such as Angular or React, please get in touch.

  • If you are a designer and you want to help us build out a great set of default styles for our plots, we can definitely use your help!

  • If you have built a nice plot or live visualization app with Bokeh, we would love to showcase it. Please contact us to let us know!

Specific areas we’d like to get help on:

  • Mobile and touch platforms
  • Maintaining Bokeh.jl and other language bindings
  • Windows support and maintenenance
  • Visual design and styling
  • Canvas and WebGL performance optimization